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Please visit our Gallery page for the final house photos.

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Woodwork and Stairs

Not only have we finished the driveway outside, but inside we have been pulling together all the woodwork and stairways. The staining is a big job, but it sure looks great!

driveway1 driveway2 stairs1 stairs2 stairs3 stairs4 stairs5 wood1 wood2 wood3 wood4 wood5 wood6

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From Drywall to Woodworking

Since our last post we’ve been very busy pulling everything together. It’s looking good in there! We’ve been installing the stairs, finishing the drywall and finishing the garage. As you can see, we’ve started the¬†woodworking as well.

closet closet2 garage1 garage2 stairway stairway2 wood wood2 wood3 wooddrywall

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Six months of work!

We’ve been very busy on the new house, with lots of updates for you. Underground drains and the storm drain were installed, and soon after came the garage footing insulation. From there, we proceeded with framing, waterproofing the outside walls, basement utility connections and floor prep, all the heating, plumbing and electrical rough-ins, as well as the spray foam insulation. It’s really coming together quickly!


Stay tuned! We’ll post more photos soon.

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A New Dream Home

Since finishing home 3007, we’ve been working hard getting a new home started! So far you can see the excavation, footing and weeping tiles.




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